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Think Tank - Yorkshire & Humber


The Think Tank is an archive of resources (videos, publications & best-practice thinking) containing a range of topics we feel passionately about. Our fields of interest include place-making, economic regeneration & neighbourhood planning. We are working hard to increase the skills, capacity & expertise of communities, professionals & local authorities across Yorkshire & the Humber. We will continually update The Think Tank with resources from our most recent events.

Please follow the links below to see all resources on a topic.

The Future of the High Street

- The future of the High Street
- Blog: Reclaim the High Street
- Blog: The Future of Retail
- More Resources

Localism & Neighbourhood Planning

- How do I create a Neighbourhood Plan? A step-by-step guide
- Localism Case Study: St Albans
- Blog: Rural Placemaking
- More Resources

Design Review

- Design Review Case Studies
- Publication: Design Review Principles & Practice
- Design Review: Helping to Improve Design Quality
- More Resources

The Economic Value of Place

- Understanding the Value of Place
- Urban Renaissance & Physical Development
- Blog: Placing Design at the Heart of Places
- More Resources


Digital & Creative Economies

- Dave Carter: Smart Citizens in Smart Cities
- Case Study: Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter
- Lunch Plus: What are these Fab Labs?
- More Resources

Renaissance & Regeneration

- Lunch Plus: Leeds City Region
- Blog: Putting the Public in Public Realm
- Graeme Collinge: Economic Evaluation of Public Realm in Sheffield
- More Resources

Community Assets & Funding Options

- Lunch Plus Videos & Presentations: Community Funding Options
- Blog: Libraries - A forgotten opportunity?
- More Resources


Sustainable Places

- Blog: What are we going to do about our homes?
- Blog: Sound & Sustainability
- Blog: Changing Cities, Building Opportunities
- More Resources


- Blog: What are we going to do about our homes?
- Publication: Improving the Design of New Housing
- Publication: The Way We Live Now
- More Resources

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