Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Integreat Plus is a social enterprise and one of the founding partners of the Social Enterprise Exchange. Our design, planning and architectural practice values align strongly with all social businesses and community enterprises operating across the Yorkshire and Sheffield City Region. Our support for these organisations and enterprises  will continue during this challenging time though [...]

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(POSTPONED) Understanding the National Design Guide

The recently published National Design Guide challenges us to rethink local design policy and how we evaluate design quality. In order to make effective planning decisions officers and elected members need to understand what the guide says and how to use it. As part of the Design Network, Integreat Plus, hosted by Doncaster Council, is pleased [...]

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Social Enterprise Exchange with Grimm & Co.

Grimm & Co is one of the UK’s most innovative children’s literacy and writing centre, in the heart of Rotherham. About this Event Come to this LunchPlus on 14th February at 12:00pm - 1:30pm and hear how the love of stories, writing and creativity is helping to grow young people’s confidence, self-esteem and imagination. Deborah Bullivant [...]

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RIBA Future Place Architects Announced

Integreat Plus is absolutely delighted to be selected as part of the Future Place programme in supporting Bradford’s aspirations to develop a diverse community-led engagement strategy.  Our work with communities is always designed to be inclusive, collaborative and highly engaging whilst advocating, passionately, for quality design and better places.  Richard Motley, Director   RIBA President, [...]

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Join us

We are looking for new directors to join the Board of our design led not-for-profit social enterprise Company. This is a great opportunity to join a small, growing social business and help shape our future. We are keen to encourage applicants from a broad range of diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise with a particular focus [...]

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Oxenhope Neighbourhood Plan – Public Consultation

The Oxenhope Neighbourhood Plan is being consulted on by members of the community and statutory consultees. Following this stage of consultation the plan will be refined and submitted to Bradford Council for independent examination.  The plan and its content are the result of community engagement and consultation and aims to shape and influence development in [...]

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Designing for Better Places in the North

Attending the Designing for Better Places in the North, Bradford conference will help you gain greater insight on how design helps create sustainable homes, build safer communities to promote health and wellbeing for individuals and families. The World Health Organisation defines health and wellbeing as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing”. Design [...]

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Designing for better place in the North

Through the Northern Powerhouse’s vision we have the opportunity for joining up the North’s great towns, cities and counties, pooling their strengths, and tackling major barriers to unleash the full potential of our places. With National Government’s renewed interest in placing Design at the heart of the Planning System our conference offers a timely opportunity [...]

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