Yorkshire Design Review Service: Panel Refresh

  We are refreshing our panel members for 2018-2020 The Yorkshire Design Review Service is a tried and tested peer review system that is an independent and impartial technical resource for Yorkshire and Humber. It utilises a multi-disciplinary panel of built environment professionals to promote and encourage the best in design and place making. The [...]

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LUNCH PLUS: Profiling Care Opinion

Fri 3 August 2018 - 12:00 – 13:30 BST Showroom 5, Showroom Cinema, Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX To register visit here.  Care Opinion is a non-profit organisation, based in Sheffield and Stirling. It is funded mainly through subscriptions from health and care organisations. It provides a space for people to share their experiences of [...]

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Social Enterprise Exchange Conference 2017

Social Enterprise Exchange Conference 2017 Thursday, 16th November 2017, 09.30-15.30 at The Workstation, Sheffield. To register visit: http://www.socentxchange.net/2017/10/27/social-enterprise-exchange-conference-2017/ The Social Enterprise Exchange Conference 2017 celebrates international Social Enterprise Day, 16 November and will showcase the state of social enterprise in the Sheffield City Region and beyond. The day will include panel presentations from key stakeholders, case-studies [...]

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The Platform: Cities: Landscapes for People

The Platform: Cities: Landscapes for People curated by Integreat Plus Thursday 19th October 2017 - 17.30pm - 20.00pm BST Platform: Cities: Landscapes for People is back with a new series of discussion and presentation events from Autumn 2017 through to Summer 2018. To kick off with we're working with Integreat Plus hearing how cities are [...]

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Taking Control of Quality – Integreat Plus is now a RIBA Chartered Practice

Taking Control of Quality – Integreat Plus is now a RIBA Chartered Practice The quality of design in our towns and cities has been under mounting pressure since in-house architectural and urban planning expertise was removed from most local authorities in the 1980’s. More recently, as these same teams struggle under an ever increasing workload [...]

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Integreat Plus win the commendation award for the Cottingham Neighbourhood Plan

Integreat Plus is pleased to announce that it won the commendation award for the Cottingham Neighbourhood Plan at the RTPI Yorkshire’s Annual Lecture and Reception, held at the Guildhall in Hull on the 14th of September. RTPI Yorkshire judges recognised the plan’s breadth and ambition, citing it as a level to which other neighbourhood plans [...]

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Social Enterprise Exchange

Thursday, 19th October 2017, 12-1.30pm at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. http://www.socentxchange.net/2017/10/04/lunch-plus-tech-for-good/  Our next Lunch Plus features two exciting digital companies using innovative digital technologies, business models to support social enterprises, address social problems and help organisations who help the vulnerable. Cameron Spilman: Co-Founder and Managing Director at Paper and Co-Founder, organiser and mentor at legup.social – [...]

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Integreat Plus is supporting Todmorden Town Council

Integreat Plus is supporting Todmorden Town Council in the production of their Neighbourhood Plan. As part of the engagement process we recently ran a number of targeted workshops aimed at developing a vision for the town and to raise levels of inclusion and participation. In July we held a workshop with Town Councillors aimed at developing a strong and aspirational vision to guide the Neighbourhood Plan and its content. Councillors engaged with a series activities and [...]

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Integreat Plus & Wakefield Council working together

Integreat Plus is working with Wakefield Council to develop a new Residential Design Guide that will promote the best in innovative, distinctive, and contemporary architecture and urban design throughout the Wakefield District. We recently held a developer briefing with many of the local and national house developers working across the district to gather feedback and [...]

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